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This isolation is killing us. Probably, in the end, more than the virus. I’ve almost run out of real work to do and have nearly completed my home to-do list. The grass is cut, the motorbikes washed, the shower room cleaned and devoid of mildew, the roof fixed, various plumbing done. None of it makes our family or company any money.

We are swimming against the tide at our new company. Our printer of choice has closed its doors making it difficult to release our new product. It must be similarly difficult for businesses with established products but for a start-up this could be curtains.

At the time of writing there are many headlines about how the government is helping businesses and employees. Delaying VAT payment (but not waiving any of it), help with salaries, grants made available. All well and good and welcome relief.

If you can actually get hold of it.

I believe there are far easier ways for the government, and HMRC in particular, to help us all in our time of need – ways that don’t involve form-filling, getting estimates, bureaucracy. They already have all the information they need to ascertain how profitable any business is or how much someone earns. So why not simply waive income tax, corporation tax on a stepped, conditional basis using information they already have rather than giving back money after having taken it in the first place? Get rid of the bureaucracy, save time and money in the process.

It’s time HMRC dropped their punitive attitude, their “we win or we win, clever isn’t it?” mentality. Time they joined our community. Time they stopped literally killing people with retrospective taxation and started helping British people and businesses. Time they taxed major corporations on the profits they make in this country and closed their offshore loopholes.

The only way to boost the economy after this disaster is for people to have money to spend with UK businesses. Lay off them and go for the big wins.

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