Downloads, etc

You may print one copy of the rules PDF and play 6 Degrees with your friends. Don’t try to make money off of this PDF; there is no legal way to use it to make money.

Here is a PDF of the scoring sheets in case you run out of them. This can be printed as many times as you like.

Alternative methods of play

The standard rules (above) present a way to play the game that allows players or teams. sitting around a table, to race to 60 points with the quickest winning.

Another way to play is to have time limited rounds, where each player or team are dealt 2 cards every round and have a specified time in which to complete their score sheet for that round. Instead of taking their next 2 cards after they’ve completed a sheet to their satisfaction they have to wait until their next cards are dealt and everyone else has either completed or run out of time.

Yet another way is to uncover two cards at the start of each round which every team or player then has to connect, each in their own way.

In all cases the objective is to reach 60 points first.

Pub quiz rules

As mentioned above, each player or team could use the same two cards every round, meaning they all have to make connections between the same two actors each time.

This means the game is suited to pub quizzes perfectly – and would be the easiest to manage pub quiz ever!

Simply give all teams, say, 5 pairs of names at the beginning of the quiz. Give them an hour to complete the task and the team with the most points according to the standard scoring rules wins. You might want to disallow use of the online tools in these circumstances, or allow them for a warm-up, shorter competition.