What is 6 Degrees about?

6 Degrees is the perfect game for the whole family. With two ways to play and a suite of online gameplay tools it's easy for beginners, who will love "The Round" method of play - a simple round of cards where the first out wins.

More advanced players can use "The Race" method of play, where players race to reach 60 points first using the supplied score sheets. The more connections you can make between each pair of cards, the more points and bonuses you earn. But will it be better to make smaller chains more quickly? It's a race to the top!

Can you win against your family and friends?
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Rules - two ways to play

Two ways to play

Two ways to play means any member of the family who can read will be able to play.

Gameplay tools

Online tools

Player assistance available on the gameplay tools website.

High-quality Sureslip Cards

Quality cards

Beautiful sureslip coated high-quality poker-sized playing cards.


The first ever edition of 6 Degrees is available now in our shop. Grab a piece of history with the Limited Edition or get the full production version of the game.
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6° – Contemporary Edition (1990s–present)

This is the first edition of the 6° game – the Contemporary Edition. It covers the period from the 90s to the present day.

6° Contemporary Edition (1990s–present) – SIGNED LIMITED EDITION

This special edition in its “Flap-and-tab” box will never be repeated and only 450 will be made available to the public.

Player feedback

Play testing

Matt and Nikki

"We both really enjoyed it! We’ve just arrived in Cambridge for a few days and actually brought it with us!"

Andy and Ellie

Andy and Ellie

“We played it in teams of 2 at the pub. Very challenging and very enjoyable! Laughs all round.”

Owen and Katie

Owen and Katie

“The gameplay tools are great and because they link through to IMDb they really help beginners”

Even more editions are coming!

After the movie editions will come the sports editions. With editions planned to cover all major European leagues, football fans of any age will be able to compete and test their knowledge.

And after that…. come other sports!

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