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When Boris Johnson put the UK into Lockdown in March 2020, little did he know this would provide John Bannerman and Andrew Allan of TKC Games with the creative spark to develop their latest game “6° – The Movie Connection Card Game”.

TKC Games Ltd are one of the world’s leading designers and producers of large-scale physical board games. Their Second World War (TSWW) series of games, which see players re-enacting campaigns from World War II, sell to players around the globe and are the most historically accurate games on the market.

We decided to take full advantage of Lockdown by brainstorming ideas for new, easy to play board and card games. Quickly, we settled on the concept of 6 degrees of separation, known within the movie world as the ‘Kevin Bacon’ game where players propose actors’ names with other players having to link that actor back to Kevin Bacon in as few movies or other connections as possible. “6° – The Movie Connection Card Game” takes this concept to new levels with simple, easy to understand rules, the removal of Kevin Bacon to open up the Actor pool and the creation of a powerful suite of online tools to assist during gameplay. In our game the aim is not to connect actors in as few connections as possible, but as many as possible.

“The Kevin Bacon game was good fun, but it always ends up in heated debate or uninteresting actor suggestions, and you have to question the relevance of Kevin Bacon in 2020!” said John. “Andrew and I spoke about how we could improve upon this by creating a bigger selection of Actors for players to pick from and, importantly, integrate the latest databases out there into a suite of online tools that assist players to establish accurate connections. This would certainly see an end to those heated arguments!”

Andrew Allan added “We’ve combined physical playing cards and simple-to-understand rules with a set of digital search tools for the game, giving players or teams of any age or knowledge level the ability to play together. The game has been produced entirely within the UK, with print and distribution partners in both Scotland and England. We are also excited about the prospects for creating a mobile app version of the game allowing players to practice on their own or hold online competitions.”

A limited-edition version of “6° – The Movie Connection Card Game” is available NOW. Fifteen editions of the game are scheduled for release covering film, television and sports of all kinds. Plans are already underway for “6° – The Football Connection Card Game” which will appeal to football fans of all ages around the world.

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