About us

One night John and I were sitting in the pub and ended up contemplating the theory of 6 degrees of separation while plotting a way to get a publishing company interested in funding the development of our WWII strategy game (which, if you’re interested, you can see at www.tkc-digital.com).

That conversation sparked an idea to build a much simpler game that didn’t need to take into account battlefield dynamics, unit strengths, terrain, supply chain mechanics – that kind of thing. This is how the idea of our 6° movie game series came about, followed swiftly by the idea that we could extend it into the realms of television and sport.

Being a freelance IT consultant I needed something else, and quickly, to try to earn a livelihood after our wise and powerful government decided I could no longer work for my clients any more. So I was very excited, as was John, to find out that nobody had done this before in the same simple yet challenging way we decided!

So off we jolly well went. I hope you like this product as much as we do. Here’s some information, just so you know:

  • The product was conceived on a winter night in a pub in Dundee.
  • It is (or will be) printed and assembled in the UK, using UK companies and labour.
  • We are very keen to receive trade enquiries – the more people that see this product the more successful we become, and the more people we can employ in its production. Here, in the UK.
  • We would love feedback on the product – email us at info@tkc-games.com.
  • We are a Scottish registered company, company number SC643234. Our VAT number is 333907304 if anyone cares. I expect HMRC will, since once they destroy the economy their revenues are going to fall dramatically as all the work moves to other countries.