Shots from the set of our first live-action video advert

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We were delighted to have engaged Keep Busy Productions in the shooting of our first video advert this past Monday. On set at a villa in Weybridge were cast and crew, and yours truly, working through a comical script and scenes.

Many thanks go to the cast – Anand Sankar, Katherine and Laurinda Quinn, James Adams and Rosie Minako for their sterling work – particularly Anand who had to go through a series of costume changes, twice playing the role of a lady. You should have seen it!!

The crew at Keep Busy Productions were fantastic, working through various unforeseen disruptions. There was an awesome array of equipment and despite the interruptions we managed to do the entire shoot in a day. So thanks also go to Kate Briggs-Price, Nick Wilkinson, Ben McQuigg and Alice Sampson.

And a very special thanks to Stephen Larkin for the use of his wonderful house.

We can’t wait until this hits your screens. It’s going to be hilarious!

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