Peculiar times

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Firstly, everyone out there, please keep safe! These are very trying times and I just hope we can all look back on this in a few weeks and laugh about it all. I fear not.

We’ve had a week of meetings that have finally been cut short by everything that’s happening. But not before coming to the conclusion that in fact this whole situation might actually help start-ups and people trying to launch products. A bit weird, but it seems that the assistance and loans being offered by the government might actually kick our project up the backside and get it moving! And as April approaches the budgets for Scottish Enterprise, Business Gateway et al will become clearer and thus grants will actually become available.

And the weirdest thing, if only we were able to go to press immediately, is that this might be an ideal time to release a game that can be played at home. Most are going to be there for the foreseeable future, except those hardy, stubborn souls that decide the pub is the only option.

Next week we’re going to start trying to market the first edition to retailers while also attempting to get endorsement and potentially partnerships with key players in the movie industry. This could be quite a challenge but we hope the fact that our game is made in the UK may encourage support of it, and us. Incidentally, go look at the back of pretty much every single card game in HMV, Waterstone’s, WH Smith etc. I couldn’t find a single one that wasn’t made in China.

Keep safe everyone. And if you can’t be safe, be careful. And wash your hands!

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