Our brand new Kickstarter campaign starts tomorrow!

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Saturday 6th February 2021 will see the launch of our brand new Kickstarter campaign which will include exclusive and even unique rewards for backers along with lovely, high-quality merchandise.

As a UK company making our product using UK suppliers, we really hope people will find it exciting enough to back us by buying the rewards, some of which are of very limited quantity.

The campaign can be found at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/andrewallan/6-degrees-the-movie-connection-card-game?ref=8t0w2z&token=b2be82a2.

The Player Pack gives you the game itself – 2 decks of cards (110 cards), 2 sets of rules to suit however you want to play, and a pad of scoring sheets all in our lovely sturdy base/lid box. We will also include 2 lovely 6 Degrees branded pens!

The Collector Pack includes the production version of the game itself and adds a copy of our limited edition version of the game in its flap-box, signed by John and Andrew. The limited edition includes 110 cards that don’t have the handy QR code, one set of the original rules and a pad of scoring sheets. We will also include 2 branded pens and 2 lovely wooden coasters!

With the Ultimate Pack we’ll create an ultimate supporter card with your own name on it and include both the production version and signed limited edition of the game itself. You can use your card in the game as a wildcard! This edition comes with 4 pens, 4 coasters and 2 of our lovely branded ceramic mugs!

EVERY pack will also include 25% off any orders you place through our website, forever!

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