A phoenix from the flames!

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Like a phoenix rising from the flames of the last year, progress is finally being made!

Nobody can deny it’s been a tough 11 months even for established businesses, and for a start-up it’s possibly been even worse. Compromises have been sought, to zoom no longer means to go fast, new ways of working have been successful for some while so many others have fallen.

But with the prospect of retail stores being able to open in the near future it was wonderful to be able to announce we have signed a supplier deal with Sunrise Records, meaning 6 Degrees – The Movie Connection Card Game may soon be on the shelves of HMV and available from their, and Fopp’s, online store!

Although all this comes months later than we’d hoped, we’re still here, still working, still fighting. We believe in this product and we’ve seen that people enjoy it when they play it. The feedback from people we describe it to is that we’re onto a winner.

So we thought it would be a good time to point out the fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime rewards we’re offering on our Kickstarter campaign.

From signed copies of the promotional version of the game through to unique, personalised items and lovely merchandise, we’ve tried to tailor a set of rewards to suit every budget.

We realise how difficult it is right now for everybody, but for as little as £1 you could back a game that’s made in the UK and supports British industry. For a little more you can have the game, a little more still and a unique card with your own name on it!

Back us now and support British industry and the people and families behind it.

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