6 Degrees finally goes to print!

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We are pleased to announce that the brand new first ever edition of the 6 Degrees game – the Contemporary Movie Edition – has gone to our printers for an initial limited production run of 500 units.

It will be available to customers through this website at a discounted price and to retail and trade outlets for assessment. We will be dispatching copies to customers from the second week in August.

Who’s it for?

The game is designed to be played by anyone who loves movies. The rules are simple and in essence the more you know your movies the more points you’ll be able to score. You can play as individual players or as teams of any number. Score sheets are provided along with the very simple rules.

It’s ideal to be played at home or in the pub. It would make an ideal basis for a pub quiz. And it could even be played online between players or teams via Zoom or Skype.

6 Degrees cards

What’s in the box?

In the tightly packed, environmentally friendly box are two high quality decks of playing cards showing the names of prominent actors (one male and one female), a rule sheet and a pad of double-sided scoring sheets.

Is it small enough to take on holiday?

In thinking about the environment and ease of transport we took the decision to make the outer packaging as small and compact as possible. Many games come in large boxes with much empty space inside making them impractical to take on holiday or carry around. Our game is approximately the size of 4 decks of cards stacked 2×2, side by side.

As such it would be an ideal airport purchase, small enough to fit in hand baggage without difficulty.

Rules and Scoring Sheet pad

Can I play it online?

The game suits individual players or teams and we envisage it would be very easy for players to convene using an online meeting tool. We will make the scoring sheets available to be printed out at home so there would be no need for everyone to have a copy of the game or have a score pad available.

We are also developing an online scoring and game session tool to complement the gameplay tools already available that allow connections to be checked or looked up through an easy-to-use web interface. This addition will allow remote gameplay sessions to take place, even without direct player contact.

Is it really made entirely in the UK?


Our high-quality card decks are made in Cambridgeshire while the box, rules, score sheets, flyers and final assembly take place in Musselborough near Edinburgh.

We are a British company and we made the decision at the very start to use British industry to manufacture our product. If you look at the back of pretty much any card game for sale in the UK you’ll find that they’re made in China. The simple reason for this is to keep mass-production costs to a minimum while making as much money from your idea as possible.

We simply don’t believe in that approach from a moral or economic viewpoint, amongst others. There is still a manufacturing base in the UK, one that can produce high-quality products at competitive prices. We believe supporting local industry will be one of the keys to our product’s success and that it is crucial to the recovery of our nation in the coming months and years.

Why are we making only 500 copies?

As a new product it makes sense to fully test the product component design through a small, exclusive product run, whilst generating revenues which will push the games development and future print runs into the marketplace.

As we rapidly sell through the initial print runs we are also planning a variety of similar titles in entertainment and team sports to whet your appetite… Pick your game up today and watch out for expansion packs, new games in the series, and the odd special item as we develop them!

You can pre-order the game here!

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