We were delighted to have had a small piece published in The Scotsman yesterday (17th September edition, page 46). The photo is from our very successful gameplay testing session in Tonbridge which brought about a number of improvements and corrections prior to us going into full production.

These small nuggets of encouragement are so helpful in our quest to bring the game (described by players as “a great game” and “great fun”) to the general public and start a proper community that will positively affect the lives of so many people that live and work in the UK. Production of this game will never be outsourced to another country!

Anyway, here’s the article in all its glory, slap bang in the middle of the page.

6 Degrees featured in The Scotsman, 17th September 2020 (p46)
Close-up of our feature in The Scotsman, 17th September 2020 (p46)
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