Live play-testing yields further improvements and added value

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We recently had the opportunity to play test 6 Degrees – The Movie Connection Card Game at the Forester’s Arms in Tonbridge with some new fans of the game. And what a fun time we had.

Four teams of 2 people competed frantically to achieve maximum scores during each round. And while there we stumbled across some improvements to the rules and even a new method of quick-fire gameplay! This better allows novices to compete with the more knowledgeable.

And we also found that the gameplay tools we’ve developed help enormously during gameplay – adding more value without making the game easy to play or win.

The results of that are that the most recent rules in PDF format are now available on our website at all times. Another PDF of scoring sheets is available so that when players run out they can print their own. These are available on the new Downloads, etc page on our site.

We’ll continue to test and improve so that you, the player, will always have the best products and tools available.

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