6° – The connection card game for movie buffs or sports fans

Box examples of the 6 degrees game

TKC’s new games take six degrees of separation gameplay to new levels. With simple, easy to understand rules, players or teams compete to get the most points and win the game.

The aim is to try to link two stars using a chain of other actors or sportspeople with whom they’ve worked or played. Adults and kids from age 7+ will love the sports editions while the movie editions are more suited to those aged 12+. And a suite of online gameplay tools is available to assist you at tools.sixdegreesgame.com.

We will be going to print with our first edition in April with deliveries commencing in May.

Our games will be created, printed and assembled in the UK!

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  • This situation is desperate

    This isolation is killing us. I’ve almost run out of real work to do and have almost completed my home to-do list. The grass is cut, the motorbikes washed, the shower room cleaned and devoid of mildew, the roof fixed, various plumbing done. None of it makes our family or company any money.

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  • Peculiar times

    Will the current, worrying situation actually help start-ups and people trying to launch products given the government response and the availability of assistance and very low interest loans?

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  • Flyer front

    Slow and steady progress

    With all the artwork completed for the Contemporary Movie Edition cards, rules, box and flyers done we now want to go to press with an initial run of 250 units.

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  • Ready for lift-off!

    The 6° plan is taking shape. The website is up and running with pre-ordering available on what will be our first edition of the game and the gameplay tools are up and running.

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